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Smeck Capital Financial Services specializes in Tax efficient investing. The focus of any competent investment planning should be to minimize the amount of tax that our client's pay. This relates to not only income tax and capital gains but inheritance tax as well. Our highly trained wealth managers have the back up some of the most experienced tax advisers in the financial markets. This will give you the confidence that Smeck Capital Financial Services will manage your investments in a manner that reduces the amount of your gains and income you end up paying as tax.

The taxation of different investment products and investment channels varies, so buying an investment in one manner can result in lower taxes than if the same investment was purchased another way. In the investing world, tax efficiency is a big deal. In some cases the length of time an investment is held can make a difference in a portfolio's tax efficiency. In other cases, certain investments are simply not subject to certain taxes, making them tax efficient as well.

We have access to a range of EIS qualifying schemes in addition to the capacity to set up offshore accounts for our qualifying private clients.

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