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Smeck Capital Financial Services aims to make a positive long-term contribution to society and the environment. We advise clients on sustainability issues and we take action in our business to improve our own performance. 

We focus on six priority sustainability themes that are important for Smeck Capital Financial Services and support our relationships with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders. These are:

  • Our client work – providing sustainability services to clients and applying high ethical standards to the way we work, including protecting consumer privacy.
  • Employment – adopting leading employment practices to recruit, retain and develop our people. 
  • Environment - cutting our environmental impact including reducing our carbon footprint. 
  • Supply chain - integrating sustainability into our procurement decisions. 
  • Social investment – supporting charities, through pro bono work, donations and volunteering and by negotiating free media space for charity campaigns. 
  • Governance and management – managing sustainability risks and opportunities in our businesses.

At Smeck Capital Financial Services we recognize the magnitude of the global challenges we are all looking to address. This will not be easy, and it will require shifts in how we operate, how we make long-term decisions and how we collaborate. But we firmly believe that, by working with our customers and partners, and by empowering people to exercise their own creativity and passion, we can drive the transformational changes necessary for the success of both business and society.

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