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At Smeck Capital Financial Services we focus on the specific needs of each client, in terms of their immediate requirement's and long-term financial objectives. Within this framework, we construct bespoke portfolios that integrate the principles of both active management and diversification in order to ensure the correct selection of investments to achieve suitable returns whilst simultaneously mitigating unnecessary risk.

Establishing Your Investment Profile

Your Smeck Capital Financial Services account manager works closely with you to define a profile and strategy that is individually made to your specific situation based on your available finance, risk profile, investment objectives and chosen investment timeline.


Protection of capital with the minimization of risks. Investments in fixed-income instruments or money market funds, or other time deposits.


Return on capital with relatively low risk tolerance. Priority is given to investments in fixed-income instruments or money market funds with a small weighting to collective investments.


Combination of fixed-income and growth-oriented investments with a moderate risk tolerance. Investments diversified into a various asset classes.


Growth of capital with increased risk tolerance. Depending on market conditions, priority is given to equities, equity funds or specialized investments.



More aggressive capital growth with higher level of risk tolerance. Depending on market conditions, a majority of the portfolio is invested in equities, specific funds, commodities and the foreign exchange market. For institutions and sophisticated investors in this category we have access to a range of derivative instruments.

Through our different teams of investment specialists, Smeck Capital Financial Services is able to offer investors innovative investment solutions. By understanding the key influences on the the economy we able able to give a stronger weighting to asset classes that are more likely to perform under current market conditions. Though this approach  Smeck Capital Financial Services is able to add value compared to typical wealth management providers. Our Independent financial planners are able to provide advise on international markets not just the UK.

How to apply

You can call Smeck Capital Financial Services directly on +44 (0)20 8050 4191 or email and request a call back.

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