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Smeck Capital Financial Services provides private equity opportunities to private and corporate clients Internationally. Although these are more speculative investments, demand for these products are high. Time frames and sectors vary and due diligence is at the heart of our selection. Central to our investment strategy is entrance to companies at very early stages and therefore low valuations. Often, investment is in private equity before the company floats onto a regulated exchange. This should not be confused with Initial Public Offerings which are also unlisted. The latter is far more advanced in the listing process. Although the regulators consider both sectors as a higher risk classification.

The greatest uplift in a company’s growth regularly occurs between the private stage and public markets. Fundamental to successful investing is balancing risk against potential reward. Investing in a company that fails to float can mean that the shareholders have no exit route and are locked-in indefinitely.

At the same time, investing at early stages offers the potential for multiple returns on an initial investment. At Smeck Capital, we make it our business to ensure clients understand the risks behind each recommendation, allowing them to make informed investment decisions. Are relationship managers are here to help you in any area of your finances.

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