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At Smeck Capital we provide best advice on your fund portfolio by identifying the right sectors and markets that offer the most upside portential against the associated risk under current market conditions.

Investment fund is a type of collective investment scheme under which all fund participants invest money together. Investment funds are established and managed by investment fund management companies. Funds manage the assets of many investors and invest them in securities, such as equity shares, bonds, treasury bills and other financial instruments.

Unlike bank deposits with a fixed interest rate, the return on investments in an investment fund is neither known in advance nor guaranteed. It is not based on interest income but on the change in the value of securities and other assets in which the funds invest. The higher the increase in the value of securities, the higher the return. The value of investments can be checked on an ongoing basis by tracking the value of participation units of respective funds.

When the risk acceptability level is high, investors may take into consideration more volatile investments which, however, may bring higher returns e.g. equity sub-funds. When the risk acceptability level is low, it is better to invest in sub-funds with limited volatility, even if the return on them is lower.

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