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The term CFD stands for a ‘contract for difference’ – an agreement, typically between a broker and an investor, that one party will pay the other the difference between the value of a security at the start of the contract, and its value at the end of the contract. If the market moves in the direction you predicted, then you profit from the price difference. But if the market goes against you, the difference is deducted from your trading account balance.

Smeck Capital Financial Services will often use CFD's to hedge a client's position. CFDs were originally traded among financial institutions, such as banks. But in recent years, they've become more popular with retail investors because they allow you to trade without having to own any securities yourself.

CFD is a leverage product, which means you need to deposit only a fraction of its total value in order to open your position. This is called margin requirement. While trading on margin allows you to boost your profit potential, it also magnifies your losses, which are based on the total CFD value.

In other words, you can deposit a small amount of money to manage a much larger position and magnify your possible earnings, but remember that your losses will magnify, too, so you will have to manage your risks appropriately.

At Smeck Capital Financial Services we have a variety of trade sizes available which can be used for various trading styles or types of investment account. Your wealth manager will be happy to assist you in this area on the market.

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