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Business Management Services

Business Management includes a range of corporate services. Many of our clients are corporations, we started trading working exclusively for corporations, but have expanded services into the retail sector. We as an institution work alongside a number of partners who can assist you in transforming your business. This may mean increasing business profits or delivering a better service to your clients our supporting network can help. This network delivers a range of business management services for corporations. Services include include Change management along with cost analysis, streamlining and strategic planning and implementation amongst others.

Our corporate business network have expertise in project management. Providing construction and oversight services including management capital planning and execution. Projects may include, commercial buildings, retail outlets, office space, as well as specialised developments.


Smeck Capital Financial Services is a champion in environmental design and property management. Partnership with our clients has resulted in millions of certified squared feet and several buildings registered to exacting standards.

Business Consulting

The process of dividing projects into segments allows out network to draw upon all relevant expertise from various sectors to evaluate a business opportunity and to deliver a more integrated solution that includes all characteristics of a client’s business needs.

Site Selection

The early integration of project management into site selection helps qualify potential locations while troubleshooting potential issues before they cause expense or delay.

Tailor Made

Smeck Capital´s network of Business Consultants will oversee your industrial, retail and office boutique projects. We will tailor them to your employee and operational requirements.

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