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Smeck Capital Financial Services have accounting experts which are at the cutting edge of business change management. Our network has participated in the development and implementation of financial reporting and corresponding valuation standards.

As a large financial institution, we are well versed in working within, forming and managing multi-disciplinary teams comprised of valuation and non-valuation managers.

Valuation needs in financial reporting are pervasive, and our client base includes corporate entities that are making acquisitions or restructuring or have tax reporting requirements. Our expertise includes:

  • Fresh Start Accounting
  • Long-Lived Asset Impairment
  • Business Consulting
  • Market Value Accounting

Direct Solutions

Our team perform a thorough analysis each client´s needs, including information and requirements of the reporting entity, in order to define clear objectives and the most appropriate course of action.

Flexible Advice

Financial reporting has been subject to an increasing level of scrutiny by regulators and auditors. Smeck Capital delivers robust, independent advice from a range of sector specialists


This is where site matters. As a large corporation, our specialists work with CEOs, CFOs, CAOs, auditors, board members, accountants, lawyers, experts, and others on relevant and meaningful avenues.


A structured review offers an integrated counterpart association in the manner in which engagements and their major issues are addressed. For other experts, this provides a comparable professional level association that improves communication, delivers superior quality services across the range of disciplines and entities involved. Most importantly, this approach creates savings to you the end client.


Our network of experts currently hold or have held top positions with major organisations. This network includes many CEO´s CFO´s and business gurus.

Are team possesses extensive market knowledge and know how with complex financial accounting. We are able to lower tax liabilities. We can also identify complex accounting risks by using transparent accounting practices.

Additionally, we are able to set up complex corporate structures to significantly reduce your corporation tax obligations through the use of our expert trust consultants.

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