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About Us

About Us

Smeck Capital Management provides wealth and investment management services to both individual and institutional investors. We have a commitment to provide the best resources and investment expertise, technology and service innovation needed to help our clients achieve their financial goals. Smeck Capital Management is committed to providing clients with financial solutions that best suit their investment needs. Our experienced financial planners can offer you expert advice on all aspects of wealth management. Whether our clients require private client service, corporate finance, equities, bonds, stock, fixed income, managed funds, foreign exchange, or a full discretionary service, we have the expertise and industry experience to fulfil their needs. Every day, we use our market insight and help them to capture market opportunities and manage risk.

Our Core Values and Philosophy


Smeck Capital Financial Services is proud of the trust that our clients place with us, and it is a recognition that we work tirelessly to uphold. We are focused on establishing long term relationships with each and every client to build an agreeable, effective long-term venture involvement. Smeck Capital Financial Services takes time to fully get to know all prospective new customers. Our initial consultation is to examine each persons individual circumstances and financial objectives in detail. Not only does this improve investment decisions, it help builds a solid relationship for years to come.


By fully understanding each customer’s unique investment objectives and issues, (for example, investment length or income tax necessities) we able to administer best advice. Smeck Capital Financial Services and its trading subsidiaries offers specific investment vehicles that meet the particular needs and objectives of every customer. As a company we are committed to completing comprehensive KYC´s to ensure that our advice is up to date and relevant for your financial needs.


We believe that financial services should be transparent. This is why we ensure that all clients will be notified of all the fees levied to each investment in a clear format. As a company we pride ourselves in being honest and fair. Smeck Capital Financial Services has a commitment to resolve any complaints in a swift timescale. Should any client feel that they have been treated unfairly they have full regulatory protection and an ombudsman service to arbitrate as a final resort. We hope though that this safeguard will not be needed as we see transparency and an ethical code of conduct as some of our key competitive advantages. Each designated relationship manager is highly qualified and is instructed to act with integrity, by placing their clients needs first.


Many of our clients are looking for solid returns without undue risk or volatility. This is why we set up tailor made portfolios which can counteract a lot of the market volatility, allowing you to sleep easy at night knowing that your wealth is being actively managed in accordance with your investment objectives. As a institution we have access to a comprehensive range of investment products as well as an inhouse research team to bring fresh insight into investment risk profiles of  every investment vehicle.

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